September Birthdays

Judy Carver 1st                             Gary Pool 6th

Gail Lessard 8th.                           Vivian Rousseau 15th

Mark Garrett 23rd                         Donna Keast 26th

Charles Chevalier 29th                 Henry Lamoureux 30th

October Birthdays

Faye Garrett 1st                             Cecile Flynn 2nd

Kim Henry 5th                               Frank Vollmer 6th

Lorna Friess 7th                             Frank Vollmer 6th

Wayne Reimer 16th                      Jocelyne Schoenberger 12th

Carolyn Bolivar 15th                     Denis Harvey 16th

Jeannette MacMillan  17th           Gladys Edwards 19th

Keith Derouin 25th                       Simone Gervais 28th

Wayne Fuchs 29th


The Seniors Rendez Vous Centre is continuously trying to supply new events or games for the changing needs of our members.

What do you think would be of interest to our club members?  Please forward your ideas to any of the Board Members.  Remember your ideas do matter:

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