April Birthdays

Sharon Kinihan 3rd                     Doug Kading 4th

Ed Baker 5th                                Marilyn Boucher 9th

Gerald Skowronski 16th              Maggie Sears 22nd

Joanne Maurier 27th                   Gerald (Gerry) Morrow 27t

May Birthdays

Peter Wozniak 1st                        Carmen Dubas 1st

Judy Morton 4th                          Elaine Meyer 5th

Pearl MacInnes 5th                      Marilyn Irene Phillips 5th

Sharon Keene 9th                        Sharleen Hodel 11th              Bob Kinahan 13th                         Linda Ladouceur 19th            Jerry Kaup 21st.                            Tom Clarke 23rd                    Bonnie Hartmann 30thh

Choosey News April 2024

Your Board of Directors would like to thank all past Board members for ensuring our Club continues to grow and be successful!.


The Seniors Rendez Vous Centre is continuously trying to supply new events or games for the changing needs of our members.

What do you think would be of interest to our club members? Please forward your ideas to any of the Board Members.  Remember your ideas DO matter:

Thank You for Your Comments